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FIDES Circuits Technologies features

Charlotte LED luminaire
Charlotte LED Luminaire
Charlotte LED Luminaire
Charlotte LED luminaire
Charlotte Luminaire
Tin-Plate LED Circiut Board
Tin-Plate LED Circiut Board
Charlotte LED fixture
Fluorescent light
Charlotte LED Fixture
Fides-Owl eye
illuminance sensor for security
illuminace sensor
Solid State Capacitor
FIEDS-P6 Layout
1CH Vally Fill Module
Standby zero SMPS
BMS RF USB controler
Solid state Valley fill SMPS
FIDE Gateway
Standby zero evaluation
1.2KW Sports lighting fixture
.2KW Sports lighting fixture
.2KW Sports lighting fixture
.2KW Sports lighting fixture

Sustainability, energy saving, and cost efficiency. Are we far from this concept?
No, we have several solutions for you.
Realizations need sustainability with novel SMPS topology and safe durability, cost-efficient installation system. 

Le système EVSE de FIDES ne nécessite pas de contrat particulier, et la généralisation des chargeurs lents de type charge pour les véhicules publics a considérablement amélioré les problèmes de stationnement et les problèmes d'installation et de maintenance causés par les problèmes de charge à l'ère du véhicule électrique. On peut dire que l'innovation du système de facturation de l'électricité est indispensable pour satisfaire la commodité d'installation, de maintenance et d'accès. Nous résoudrons le problème de la production d'énergie et de la transmission et de la distribution d'énergie qui peuvent répondre à la demande croissante d'énergie des véhicules électriques, et résoudrons les problèmes de facturation et de gestion de l'installation qui surviennent lorsque les chargeurs lents pour véhicules électriques sont installés et répandus.
Les exigences contemporaines de l'adoption croissante des véhicules électriques doivent garantir un faible coût, une accessibilité pratique et des avantages commerciaux. Pour obtenir un chargeur lent CA sans défaut et durable, le commutateur CA, l'alimentation CC et les normes d'alimentation en veille IEC62301-2 doivent être respectés. La technologie pour résoudre ce problème consiste à contrôler les interrupteurs mécaniques avec une synchronisation par zéro, des circuits de lissage actifs pour assurer la durée de vie et la fiabilité de l'alimentation en courant continu et le contrôle de l'alimentation en veille de l'équipement.

Charlotte gypsum office luminaire
Gypsum board is an excellent fire-resistive building material. Reaction to fire for building products historically is given by classification within national standards such as DIN 4102.  Thus rendering possible the use of the products due to national building regulations. 

Gypsum board walls and ceilings have a number of outstanding advantages:
Ease of installation, Fire resistance, Sound isolation, Durability, Economy, Versatility.

In North America, it is the most commonly used interior finish where fire resistance classifications are required. Its noncombustible core contains nearly 21% chemically combined water, which, under high heat, is slowly released as steam. Because steam will not exceed 100 degrees C under normal atmospheric pressure, it very effectively retards the transfer of heat and the spread of fire.
Gypsum board continues to serve as a heat-insulating barrier.
Gypsum board wall and ceiling systems effectively help control sound transmission.
Gypsum board is used to construct strong, high-quality walls and ceilings that offer excellent dimensional stability and durability. Surfaces created using a gypsum board are easily decorated and refinished. 
Gypsum board is readily available and easy to apply. It is an inexpensive wall surfacing material that provides a fire-resistant interior finish. Gypsum board building systems can generally be installed at significantly lower labor costs than most alternate systems.
Gypsum board satisfies a wide range of architectural requirements for design. Ease of application, performance, ease of repair, availability, and adaptability to all forms of decoration combine to make gypsum board unmatched by any other surfacing product.
Gypsum board is a lightweight material. Two workers can easily handle most panels and cover large areas in very short time periods. Gypsum board is easily finished using either a few hand tools are relatively modest machines. Gypsum board installers can quickly learn most application techniques in a few hours.
Charlotte Tin-plate iron PCB is excellent LED thermal reduced with the secure durability of lighting emission with feeling a sense of compatibility modern ceiling design.
AC-DC Driver IC 
The FIDES free voltage AC to DC LED driver using patented Yeonmoon Jeong Adaptive AC phase currents to voltages with zero currents valley fill power device are smart LED power driving chipset for supports all the attractive features of ECO LED lighting products such as high efficiency 95% over with excellent PFC 0.95, ultra-small package, low cost, design flexibility, and easy design-in, these parts are targeted to more sophisticated applications and offer several enhanced technology and features, including continuous AC and DC both of input voltage coverage from 10-300V wide ranges and output load up to 5 to 100Watts without aluminum electrolytic capacitor and transformer.
The isolation power and non-isolation power for LED switch transistors are external to the main chipset for supports design free are no require reducing the power consumption of the constituent devices such as multi-output power provides redundancy. Also included built-in features like a thermal sensor, a direct connection to an external ambient sensor an automatic LED brightness control self-thermal controller, and PLC communication makes a smart grid network.
The employed phase current detection technology automatically current error corrections for each LED load current transition. This phase of current driving technology is compensation to regulate AC input with LED loads to independently protect for overpower and open or short circuit protection with over-temperature controls.
AC-DC Rectify for valley fill 
While full-wave rectification can deliver unidirectional current, neither produces a constant voltage. Producing steady DC from a rectified AC supply requires a smoothing circuit or filter. In its simplest form, this can be just a reservoir capacitor or smoothing capacitor, placed at the DC output of the rectifier. There is still an AC ripple voltage component at the power supply frequency for a half-wave rectifier, twice that for a full-wave, where the voltage is not completely smoothed.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors can evaporate through a temperature-dependent drying-out process, which causes electrical parameters to drift, limiting the service lifetime of the capacitors. High-amplitude ripple currents shorten the life of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors are feeble to heat, which reduces the lifetime of the power device. For every rising temperature of 10 degrees, the lifespan is reduced by 50%. It's occurred flicker and failure of SMPS.
Fides solid state valley fill technology provides tangible benefits for Reliability, availability, maintenance-free, and durability over 100,000h life cycles for maintenance free.
AC Standby zero 
The FIDES-AC absolute standby power switch is a free voltage for any load of IEC62301-2.
An absolute standby zero system for the proximity touch switch is safely isolated data command supports and LED status indicates management supports.
Standby power, also called vampire power, vampire draw, phantom load, or leaking electricity ("phantom load" and "leaking electricity" are defined technical terms with other meanings, adopted for this different purpose), refers to the electric power consumed by electronic and electrical appliances while they are switched off (but are designed to draw some power) or in a standby mode. This only occurs because some devices claimed to be "switched off" on the electronic interface, but are in a different state from switching off from the plug, or disconnecting from the plug, which can solve the problem of standby power completely.
In fact, switching off the plug is effective enough, there is no need to disconnect all devices from the plug. Some such devices offer remote controls and digital clock features to the user, while other devices, such as power adapters for disconnected electronic devices, consume power without offering any features (sometimes called no-load power). All of the above examples, such as the remote control, digital clock functions, and in the case of adapters, no-load power, are switched off just by switching off the plug.
However, for some devices with built-in internal batteries, such as the phone, the standby functions can be stopped by removing the battery instead.

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