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Transform Old Building to Smart Building, Just One Day Installation.
Sustainable succint building lighting networks. Wireless building lighting controls reduce installation time and great cost efficiency.

FIDES is innovation provide AC standby zero, AC-DC rectifies driver and smooth                            technology with offshore floating wind generator high power RMS control product and IC design.


Novel AC-DC rectifies smooth technology are an innovation of valley fill smooth circuit theory.          Patent AC-DC rectifier smooth technology is substituted for aluminum electrolytic capacitor        and PFC improve effect technology provide by module and IC.


FIDES building lighting control platform is providing the standby zero with individual                       daylight dimming for just plug-in AC line BMS solution for a wide range of old building and           modern building transform to the sustainable building to meet the needs of today's residential,           commercial and industrial building renovation.


Stand by zero under 0.03watts all solid state simple fundamental circuit topologies are without      battery for any load condition.


Charlotte gypsum luminaire has a number of outstanding advantages for Easy of installation,        Fire resistance, Sound isolation, Durability, Economy, Versatility.

     Charlotte Tin-plate iron PCB is excellent LED thermal reduced with the secure durability of        lighting emission with feeling a  sense of compatibility modern ceiling design.

Wireless ECG multi lead band-aides sensor and 3D MEMS technology.

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